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In a strange way, the frustration of technology vendors vicariously gave birth to Dapster.

The debate on ‘how well’ or ‘how poorly’ Marketing and Distributions funds were being used has been going on since time immemorial.

Here are just a few snapshots of what we typically hear.

  • We never see a decent return on investment
  • We’re not convinced all of the budget goes into the campaign
  • There isn’t the commitment on their part to make it work
  • Getting the channel motivated is a full-time job and bloody hard
  • I have no idea where the money goes
  • We’re just another brand that they’re being asked to sell ‘that week’

We could go on but we’re willing to wager that those are probably some of the more common areas raised. Some are true and some are easily changed with the right approach.

The cold, hard reality is, you are of course one of many vendors jockeying for partner’s mindshare and unless you can convey in nice, clear terms, what’s in it for them, then you may as well go home.

In our experience, the partner community faces similar challenges to the vendor world; it’s all about being able to add clear value which is why you’ll seldom get their attention by simply pummelling them with general content.

Dapster help vendors do three simple things:

Take a long-term view

Nothing is solved overnight and although you have a target hanging over your head, short-terms bursts of activity are seldom the solution. Dapster work alongside you to understand how you can best leverage your channel and then we align the marketing campaigns and activity with those goals.

Ask the questions that really matter

So this may not be great news but you won’t always get an honest answer because well…you’re the vendor.

Dapster will speak to your partners for you objectively, understand how they’re motivated and where you can aid with their Value Proposition. Then we create a plan that you can both agree to and execute against.

Execute, execute, execute

Once the talk is over, we help you to create content and campaigns that allow you to convey your message but equally enables your partners to personalise and weave in their own value.

Then we measure it. Repeat more of what works and fix the bits that don’t. It’s that simple.

We’ve heard it all before

Dapster understands that we haven’t unearthed a new problem here; the ongoing push-and-pull of trying to get this model to work is a well-trodden, healthily resourced path.

But it’s also not working because the same issues recur. We know because we hear it every day.

Having an independent agency in the mix who shares the risk between you; has the industry experience and expertise that bridges the gap to executing and measuring the outcome, well there’s one solution that we would bet the farm on.

To learn more, go to visit the contact us page and we’ll call you back the same working day.

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