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Some partners that we meet, see Vendor Marketing Funds as the cornerstone of their marketing activity; others have eradicated it from their outbound activity some time ago because they felt it dilutes the credibility and value that they bring independently.

The truth is, both have their merits and flaws.

One of the biggest challenges with most partners that we talk to is that they don’t want to be viewed as ‘selling a red one’ on Monday and then ‘a yellow one’ on Tuesday, which is often how it can feel when you are alternating Vendor Campaigns.

Understanding how a Vendors capability weaves into your own Value Proposition is half the battle before you can even begin to consider what problem that it could fix (for your existing clients or to serve as a door-opener into your prospects).

Everyone says they’re a trusted advisor

In a saturated market, standing out is half the battle and guess what? You’re not the first company that has suggested you’d like to be your customers ‘trusted advisor’. In our experience, that’s a term that needs to be earned rather than used as a marketing strap-line.

Dapster specialise in helping partners pull together head-turning campaigns that are designed to get attention and drive the activity that you need to build pipeline and attract more customers by making clear, the value you bring.

We also understand the expectations the Vendors have of you and what you need to do in the real-world to best utilise the marketing funds in a way that can be measured, realised and deliver for you both.

Delivering in the real world

Dapster is unique in that we understand what you need, in favour or simply positioning the services that we provide. We know that you need to convey your value, remain credible and work closely with your vendors in a way that benefits you both and your customers.

We also know that at the end of that award-winning campaign, there is a number that needs to be delivered and our entire engagement model starts with the outcome.

To learn how Dapster can help you, request a call back and we’ll come back to you the same business day.

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