About Us

I originally created Dapster because I genuinely wanted to make a difference in the Technology Sector. I know…a little bit of sick just came up in my mouth when I wrote that because I’m British and clearly, we favour sarcasm over sincerity (but it doesn’t make it any less true).

Since time immemorial, there has been a frustration with the way that marketing funds are used. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Vendor or a Channel Partner, using your own budget or allocated funds for a campaign. Unless it can demonstrate a return on investment, everyone is often left looking at the carpet for answers.

I’ve met and spoken with enough companies with the same issues to know that there is a big problem to fix.

The truth is, the traditional agency model is broken because there’s no real shared vested interest in the outcome. Which is why, with every new customer, Dapster offer to share the risk, based upon the results of the campaign. That way, when we say we’re working shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers, it’s more than just a throw-away phrase, it’s our business model.

Dapster has often been described as a disruptive agency which as far as I’m concerned is no bad thing. The Technology Sector by definition, is disruptive and proven to be capable of immeasurable change. That’s common ground I’m willing to share.

We see the best success when our customers offer us complete transparency, talk openly about budget and give us clear expectations on what return they’d like to see. In return, we offer creative, head-turning campaigns, credible industry insight and crystal clear KPI’s that we are both measured against.